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Children’s Book

Through this amazing act of creation, I am grateful to share my love and joy with the world. 

Another Morning


It was just another morning on a beautiful spring day, only today, Will decided to wear his lucky blue socks with the rainbow stripes. Do you know what that means? It means Will’s about to have a magical adventure! Who knows what it could be! One time when Will wore his lucky blue socks with the rainbow stripes, he saw bubble-blowing elves teetering on the diving board of the pool next door . . . and they were holding umbrellas! Do you wonder what today could have in store? 

Wait, what’s that HUGE chair doing in the middle of that farmer’s field? And what’s coming out from behind those trees? Is that a . . . baby dragon? Join Will as he embarks on today’s adventure, and discover what he learns along the way!



Grab Your Copy Today!

With Anne-Marie


Embark on an enchanting literary adventure with Anne-Marie at the Parry Sound Public Library, where she will mesmerize you with a phenomenal reading. Brace yourself for the first instalment of a gripping series that will leave you yearning for the next chapter.

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