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I live and paint beside the Pacific Ocean in British Columbia and on the west coast of Canada.  
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The technical aspects of painting remain the same … necessary and essential, however, they are as unconsciously accomplished when I paint as is breathing.

The painting itself draws out the heart and soul of me simply by me picking up the palette knife and brush and allowing the piece to live.  I do not question this and by my acceptance of it, each painting takes on a life and a purpose of its own.

Through this amazing act of creation, I am grateful to share my love and joy with the world!


I continue to study the work of artists whose work I love . . . Monet, Degas, Renoir and Seurat . . .The Canadian Group of Seven artists (especially Tom Thomson), the wonderful colour fields of Mark Rothko and the work of talented colourist, Wolf Kahn, Canadian watercolourist, Toni Onley, the beautiful oils of Prussian-Canadian H.E. Kuckein, American artist, Ken Elliot, Italian painter, Marco Fallani and Dutch-American artist, Luc Leestemaker, all, whose amazing landscapes have had such an impact and influence on my work.



Known For


My paintings are representative and a compilation of everything I’ve seen and experienced in my life to that point in time. I choose the land, the sea and the sky. My compositions often feature a low horizon which better emphasizes the vastness of the sky and the colours and contrasts I see there.

I let go completely, empty my mind and let the ‘innate knowingness’ take over and allow that deepest part of me to flow . . . and, miracles happen!  I become the conduit through which creation occurs.  It is a feeling of freedom and love and joy that words cannot adequately express.



“Her work is an open interpretation of a universal subject – space, or perhaps light, or perhaps the two combined - that recalls images as disparate as Turner’s oceans, Monet’s sunrises, and Stieglitz’s cloud studies. At one glance, an image seems merely to be piles of paint; at a second, it has become a textured horizon.

There is a certain “earthiness” in the artist’s choice of colours as she melds the qualities of the land, sea and sky.”

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